Eden's brand promise

Eden is there for everyone; our products are broadly available, which can be partially attributed to our fair price to quality ratio. Eden supports the essentials, both in the type of appliances as in our visual looks. You get what you pay for; a solid appliance doing what it does best. Not more, but definitely not less!

Eden - We keep it sipmle

We keep it simple

The brand Eden signifies ‘no nonsense’ household appliances that always work as intended. Whether you’re baking a cake to serve with coffee, baking a bread for breakfast on a Sunday morning, making fresh orange juice or serving fries for dinner, Eden will help you get everything ready on the table!

Accessible for everyone and available online

The great advantage of Eden? It is available at all times, online and for everyone. Never doubt, because with Eden, you always make the right choices, the price will never be the deciding factor! We are currently available at Bol.com and Amazon.

Eden - Where to get it?
Complete your set of household appliances

Complete your set of household appliances

Eden is straight to the point and practical; exactly the appliances that you need. With Eden, an entire household of appliances is within reach and you can be assured of all the basics you need. No complicated decisions, no unnecessary convoluted instruction manuals and no overkill of complicated information; with Eden, anyone can easily and quickly prepare something, even when you’re no hero in the kitchen.

Our mission: Eden completes your household!

"With Eden, you (and everyone) can enjoy the comfort & luxury of a complete furnishing."



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Eden makes it look easy; the appliances are easy to handle and understand.

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Eden products come at a fair price; they are affordable but don’t suffer in the quality department.

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No fuss, no nonsense. Just a solid appliance that makes your household and kitchen tasks easier.

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