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Would you like to bake a cake to go with the coffee? Bake bread for your Sunday morning breakfast? Serve fries for dinner? Fresh orange juice or a cup of tea to complete your breakfast? Eden will help you conjure up all these things!

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Eden ED-7001 Citrus juicer
Item No. ED-7001
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Eden ED-7002 Contact grill
Item No. ED-7002
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Eden ED-7003 Jug Kettle
Item No. ED-7003
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Eden ED-7004 Glass Kettle
Item No. ED-7004
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Eden ED-7005 Crispy Fryer
Item No. ED-7005
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Eden ED-7012 Digital Crispy fryer
Item No. ED-7012
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Eden ED-7017 Aerofryer Oven
Item No. ED-7017
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Eden XX-7005006 Basket (incl. handle)
Item No. XX-7005006 In stock
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€ 25,95
Eden XX-7012119 Single basket (incl. handle)
Item No. XX-7012119 In stock
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€ 14,95
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